Why CBD?

The Greenheart team has been building out a global model focusing on producing CBD (the legal derivative of hemp) and targeting increased CBD cultivation by farmers worldwide. To do this, we have modelled multiple cases of expansion using blockchain technology and market leading DeFi platforms.

How does CBD tie into blockchain and why tokenize the business?

Farmers are denied traditional loans due to misconceptions and the cloudy legality of hemp. By providing them with a technology loan, they are able to switch to a higher value crop using DeFi and begin immediate production of hemp for CBD.
We are able to do this with our utility token, the Greenheart CBD token. It only made sense to use blockchain and tokenization in order to provide the DeFi platform to make this successful. The community is now able to support these farms via token appreciation in staking pools. The farmer receives all the equipment needed to begin hemp farming for CBD production, from AI drones, to modular extraction facilities, as well as ongoing expertise and training.
With blockchain technology, we can notarize the data we gather to provide transparency and traceability, enabling people to see our entire production from seed-to-shelf. We want to lead the way in the hemp industry and demonstrate that it can be done: the right way.

How do people benefit from the ecosystem?

The farmers benefit from the ecosystem by receiving technology loans to start farming hemp for CBD. The community benefits from discounted CBD products, access to transparency and traceability, and APY and product rewards from staking. 10% profits of all products purchased go back into the CBD ecosystem to fuel the reward system.

Is it sustainable?

Yes, hemp on its own is sustainable in countless ways. Our production facilities are zero waste, as byproducts from creating CBD oil can create useful products such as construction materials.
The token ecosystem is sustained through reward and buyback programs, as well as future initiatives to promote its use in our economy.

Who is the customer base?

The CBD oil side brings in traditional consumers such as health conscious individuals, mothers looking to help their children with autism thrive, and the cryptocurrency community looking for real investments with real companies.

Will you be listed on other exchanges?

Yes, we are working on getting listed on CEX exchanges.

What are the future plans as the first CBD DeFi marketplace?

Greenheart CBD is about innovating and being the first, and it doesn't stop at being the first marketplace either. We hope to continue to bring new and unique experiences to our community, such as by gamifying staking pools and bringing them into our own metaverse, utilizing AR/VR where they can tour real life Greenheart CBD farms and see live feeds of our farming and production process in action.

Is Greenheart CBD building out an AR/VR metaverse?

Yes, we are starting on our foundational building blocks and working towards creating the big picture for our community. As the Greenheart family, we envision a gaming future where you can earn CBD tokens, interact with our marketplace and purchase real products, and watch the seasons change and the crops grow in real time on your computer or phone.

What difference will you make in the industry?

We don’t want to just be the first—we want to be the best. We want to demonstrate that it is possible to eliminate fraud, help others, and be as transparent as we can be while still being profitable as a company and to our community. We hope to lead the way so that others can follow, and we will have the big data to demonstrate this process every step of the way.

When will products be available for purchase again?

We currently estimate that we will have our USA stock available for purchase by September 2022!
Last modified 1yr ago