Greenheart CBD

The Greenheart CBD Token project is led by Greenheart CBD - one of the world's leading licensed CBD seed to shelf producers and an established profitable business with a demonstrable track record of successful project delivery.

The business began to sell its European CBD product to the retail market in January 2020 and has grown exponentially in the period since initial launch - acquiring over 2,500 new customers for its range of CBD oil products - within this short period.

The company is in the process of internationally launching multiple new CBD product lines in 2022. This includes three types of CBD protein powders, two types of CBD skin balms and creams and a range of CBD infused retail popcorn products.

The implementation of the Greenheart CBD dApp will further enable the global growth strategy of the company. Profits received from the sale of CBD produced by farmers globally will add another significant source of revenue and accelerate the company’s expansion.

The company has features in multiple leading CBD and general international publications and media outlets. The founders have won many awards for the quality of both the product, the existing business and previous successful technology ventures. The team and company have been featured in Vogue magazine, RTE, Forbes, Nasdaq, Reuters and the Irish Independent. The company has commissioned independent third-party laboratory tests to confirm the quality and content of its CBD product. The independent lab reports are available on the Greenheart CBD website.

The team enjoys a large professional network with the CBD ecosystem and the company has built up a significant social media presence in a short space of time. The company has received hundreds of 5-star independent reviews of Greenheart CBD products on our website. Unlike many token and crypto projects, the company is both revenue producing and profitable, targeting future growth globally from both its growing retail base and the important network of partnership deals it has agreed with other leading players in the CBD ecosystem.

What makes Greenheart CBD unique?

Greenheart CBD uses a number of unique processes and technologies to ensure the high quality of its product range. These include:-

  • Seed to Shelf: A fully traceable company involved in every step of the manufacturing and supply chain process.

  • The Finest Organic Hemp Crops: Hemp enhances soil health by shading out weeds - reducing the need for synthetic herbicides - and adding diversity to crop rotations, improving soil health.

  • Homogenized Cold-press Extraction Methods: Cold pressed oils retain all their flavor, aroma, and nutritional value, making oils of the highest quality possible. This process does not need an external sustenance as with other methods. Greenheart CBD’s cold press homogenization process is an ancient extraction method using raw natural ingredients and high pressure to create a super effective full spectrum CBD oil. This works by blending the hemp with a carrier seed and putting the mixture through extreme pressure (10,000 psi); this process pulls the cannabinoids into the fats of the oil and when leaving the cold press through a narrow nozzle this creates a cavitation effect on the oil. Meaning that as on departure this liaises the cells in the oil, breaking it down for the body and giving a better absorption rate, while containing all the cannabinoids, fats, terpenes and lipins in our oil creating an entourage effect.

  • AI Drone technology: The company is deploying leading artificial intelligence for CBD cultivation through its exclusive CBDrone project. Through the CBDrone project, Greenheart is working on the tracking of plant health, identification of male and female plants, soil testing, mechanical removal of male and unhealthy plants from outdoor farming scenarios, two forms of spraying for adding fertilizers and seed planting apparatus. The benefits that this technology will bring to the farmers are to reduce costs, increase productivity, reduce health and safety hazards, increase security and overall profitability. CBDrone provides a full data chain from the time the seed is planted to the production of the final product allowing governance, compliance, and traceability at every stage of the process.

  • “CBDTECH”: Greenheart is the first CBD producer globally to deploy a full suite of advanced deep technology to improve and enhance every stage of the growth, development, and production process. This includes Big Data analytics to enhance cultivation, Drones equipped with Machine Learning, wallet application & sustainable products marketplace with pioneering AI customer service bots for clients of our CBD business. Our community dApp allows our members to buy CBD products securely on the blockchain at a discount rate using Greenheart CBD Tokens.

  • Greenheart CBD dApp: The Greenheart CBD dApp is a one-stop-shop for everything in the Greenheart ecosystem. The dApp provides all the tools for customers and investors to benefit from the ecosystem. Customers can purchase CBD at a discounted price, and can get a further discount with discount NFTs. Investors can take advantage of staking pools with high APY, and further their rewards with staking NFTs. Individuals looking to play to earn will be able to use the upcoming game to earn rewards.

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