dApp Functionality

The Greenheart CBD Token dApp has a number of core functionalities which will be provided to users and farmers to enable the project to become the leading CBD and sustainability project.

We are also keen to have the CBD token adopted by other participants in the CBD industry globally - as the de facto choice of payment methods - particularly as many countries still preclude CBD and hemp companies from opening regular bank accounts.

The core dApp functionality includes the following:-


Greenheart CBD token and ecosystem information

  • Number of active staking pools

  • Live CBD token price

  • Buy back value to date

  • Value of raw material held

  • Number of global partners

CBD Product Shop

The CBD product shop exists as a real shop, selling and shipping product to customers.

  • Purchased with CBD tokens using BNB as gas

  • 40% permanent discount for all purchases using the CBD token

  • There is potential to open the dApp to other CBD participants willing to utilize CBD tokens for payments and sales of their CBD and hemp related products

CBD products CANNOT be shipped to certain countries due to existing legal restrictions. See full list: Shipping Policy under "References"

Single Pool Staking

Featuring a individual pool for each farm

For example, initially this would include:-

  • New Jersey

  • Panama

  • Thailand

NFT Marketplace

The core features and benefits of the Greenheart NFTs would include the following:-

  • NFTs that can provide discounts on CBD products

  • NFTs that can increase staking pool rewards

  • NFTs that can be implemented in the gamified world

Play to Earn Game

Play-to-earn is a business model that works on blockchain technology.

  • In the forthcoming Greenheart CBD play to earn game, players can play a game and potentially earn CBD by acquiring valuable in-game assets

  • The Greenheart CBD play to earn game will be developed and rolled out in phase two of dApp development

dApp Specification Details

Connect Wallet

This feature enables users to connect their wallets such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc to the dApp. Users without a wallet connected will not be able to interact with the dApp.


This feature enables users to stake their CBD tokens for rewards. The Greenheart token is a BEP20 token that runs on a BSC staking pool. Tokens are initially loaded into the pool from the treasury, along with with monthly buy back tokens generated via revenue. The pool is replenished on a monthly basis with more tokens generated from CBD sales in the dApp and from traditional fiat sales.

45% profit from crypto and fiat sales goes to Greenheart, 45% to the partner farm, and 10% returns to staking pools.

NFT Marketplace/Wallet

This feature enables users the ability to purchase NFTs and store them, directly connected to the users wallet, which enables them to avail of discounts and staking rewards.

CBD Product Shop

This feature enables users to purchase CBD products using CBD tokens with BNB for gas, and creates invoices for Greenheart to be able to ship the products to consumers.

Play-to-Earn Game

Further details about this upcoming feature will be shared during phase two of dApp development.

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