Big Data

Greenheart is the first CBD producer to place “Big Data” analytics at the core of its business.

The company deploys “Track and Trace” Developmental Technology & Data Analytics across the production cycle. This includes “Seed to Shelf” consumer tracking of CBD products, from initial planting to final production and consumption (through the use of QR Codes) allowing for full supply chain verification.

Greenheart Digital will deploy a modern data commercialization strategy, using the raw data gained from CBD planting, cultivation, production, and consumption, to gather an end-to-end holistic view and key insight to each stage of the CBD process. This information will then be utilized to provide better service to consumers and monetized to provide a new source of revenue. Data will be commercialized and sold anonymously to interested qualifying third parties, to provide insights and analysis to changing consumer, production, and environmental trends. These third parties will include research centers, universities, and scientific research bodies.

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