The company has agreed to a number of extremely exciting new partnerships across the CBD industry.

Our partnerships include:

  • World CBD Awards

    • The company is a key platinum sponsor for the 2022 awards.

  • United Hemp Alliance

    • Retail distribution agreement for Greenheart CBD product range throughout a wide range of health stores in the US, UK and Australia.

  • Hill International – USA

    • Construction and project management partnership with a leading US conglomerate to build multiple US Greenheart CBD production facilities throughout North America and the United States. The first facility to be built will be in New Jersey.

  • Simply Natural – Panama

    • The company is kicking off cultivation in Panama with Simply Natural Farms in Q4 2022.

  • SmartFarms – Wales (UK)

    • Potentially new cultivation center in the UK for production and distribution of CBD for the British market.

  • CerTik + Skynet

    • Provider of security analysis audit and 24/7 Skynet smart security monitoring for the Greenheart CBD Token smart chain.

  • Ferrum Network

    • Provider of flexible DeFi Staking Platform for any BEP20 token, such as the Greenheart CBD token. Participants can lock their tokens and earn high yields based on the length of time staked.

  • MantraDao

    • MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform focused on Staking, Lending, Governance, and Decentralized Launchpad services. They give financial control back to the people, so that as a collective, they may store and grow their wealth together, and were partnered with Greenheart CBD in providing staking pools.

  • Paradigm Sports

    • The top agency in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and one of the leading sports management firms in the world. Greenheart has teamed up with Paradigm to sponsor three MMA fighters, James Gallagher, Johnny Silva Barra de Souza and Jornel Lugo.

  • Constellation

    • Constellation provides the notarization of data and ensures full transparency and traceability.

CBD Product Supply Chain Partners

The following market leading CBD companies have also agreed marketing and business development partnerships with Greenheart CBD and will allow token holders to redeem their Greenheart CBD Token token against their product range of goods and services.

Marking and Business Development

  • World CBD Awards

  • The Extract Health

  • Europa

  • The Cannavist

Partners that enable token holders to redeem their Greenheart CBD Tokens

  • Global Hemp Alliance

  • Greenheart CBD

  • The Cannavist

  • World CBD Awards


Greenheart CBD sponsors many radio programs, podcasts, and magazines.

Our sponsorships include:

  • Podcasts


    • Adrian and Jeremy Podcast

    • Awful Irish Podcast

    • Scaling your Business

  • Radio

    • Mellow Moments on Sunshine Radio

  • Magazines

    • VIP

    • Positive Life

    • The Cannavist

    • Garda Journal

    • RSVP

  • MMA

    • James Gallagher

    • Johnny Silva Barra de Souza

    • Jornel Lugo

    • Cage Legacy MMA

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