The return on CBD is far higher than for traditional forms of farming.

For example, Greenheart CBD (the company behind the Greenheart CBD Token project) successfully produced $12 Million US Dollars’ worth of CBD on 10 acres of land at its European headquarters.

Greenheart is committed to splitting net revenue from the farms globally as follows:-

  • 45% Farmer

  • 45% Greenheart

  • 10% back into the Community Staking Pool

Greenheart will roll this model out in many countries globally. For example, the US Farm Act has legalized CBD production at a federal level and multiple states (including New Jersey and Oregon) have already issued local permitting regulations and are providing farmers with tax and production incentives to grow CBD in their state.

Furthermore, in the developing world this model would also work effectively with both individual farmers and agricultural co-operatives, moving poor farmers from low margin, cash crops to a sustainable, hi-tech, environmentally friendly alternative – which also provides a much larger financial return to the farmers. This model of sustainable farming would also comply with the express agricultural objectives of many developing countries, switching farmers much more quickly to sustainable environmental alternatives.

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