CBD Farmer - Staking Pool Model

We believe that farmers moving to CBD can greatly increase their income and quality of life.

The staking pool model below reflects the potential return and typical pool financing the model will provide to farmers.

Staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies.

When community members and token holders stake Greenheart CBD tokens, the tokens are essentially put to work on a real farm - earning the community passive income through APY and simultaneously supporting farmers by providing them with needed technology, development and expertise.

CBD Farmer Staking Pool

  • Community staking pool: - circa $50,000 - $250,000 USD

  • Typical Duration 1 - 3+ years

  • Typical APY - TBD

A farmer’s income in the developing world: -

  • Existing Cash Crop farming - $1,500 per annum income

  • Return from an acre of CBD cultivation - $2,500 per crop cycle1

A typical farmer’s income from growing CBD: -

  • Value of crop per acre - $2,500 USD

  • A typical acre of production would cultivate 200kg of dried flower @ 5% CBD

  • Using AI and Drone technology will increase production levels by up to 500%2

Total Farmer Income per acre - $2,500 per crop cycle

1, 2 - Assumption: Farmer growth financial model based on 80% of Greenheart CBD’s typical production return.

A planned profit share (45%) of consumer net sales will also be implemented for qualifying CBD producers.

Farmers moving to CBD production can potentially enjoy a substantial increase in their standard of living, a positive impact on their family’s welfare, an industry wide reduction in poverty and a more sustainable form of long-term farming.

Furthermore, CBD production and increased income growth is consistent with the long-term objectives of many governments, promoting a shift to sustainable environmentally farming that increases agricultural incomes3.

3 - Promoting a shift to sustainable environmentally farming that increases agricultural incomes. https://www.dw.com/en/pakistan-industrial-hemp-cannabis-production/a-56106271

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