Core Team

  • Paul Walsh, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Mark Canavan, Co-Founder and COO
  • Shane Brett, CFO
  • Shane McQuillan, CSO
  • Mark Dunning, CTO
  • Casey McQuillan, Operations
  • Emil Polito, USA Operations
  • Brian Angiuli, Central America Operations

Partners and Advisors

  • Matias Goldmann, Co-Founder and COO of Constellation Network
  • Joel Kovshoff, Co-Founder, ACG
  • Tim Frost, CEO of Yield App
  • Liam Robertson, CEO of Alphabit Fund
  • David Hughes, CEO of Canmed UK
  • Diane Mulligan, President and CEO of M&C Communications
  • Harry Corken, Senior Executive of Hill International INC
  • Nicholas Krapels, Token Strategy Advisor of Fomocraft
  • Dustin Byington, CEO of TWO12.CO
  • Karl Pattemore, CEO of Papa Global
  • Bryan Dori, President and CEO of Archer