Project Governance, Advantages, and Development Process

Project Governance

The Greenheart CBD token project for farming will be governed centrally initially, before potentially transitioning to community and core stakeholder control. The Greenheart CBD Token governance structure will provide holders of CBD tokens with the opportunity to participate and vote in proposed dApp and project amendments, improvements, and strategic decisions for future project expansion.

To participate in Greenheart CBD Token governance, token holders must stake their liquidity in the project governance vault, where voting rights may be applied in accordance with the size of their Greenheart CBD Token holding. The project expects to propose regular enhancements to the Greenheart CBD Token community once the project is rolled out fully into the CBD industry.

Project Advantages

Implementation of the Greenheart CBD Token dApp will drastically increase the growth of the CBD farming footprint globally and Greenheart’s role in driving that expansion.

By potentially utilizing a protocol such as the Constellation Network, the Greenheart CBD Token dApp can avoid the very high transaction fees that have become prevalent on mainstream token protocols (like Ethereum).

This information will be available through the project’s dApp – providing an easy, seamless and blockchain enabled interface and dynamic user experience.

The Greenheart CBD Token dApp aligns returns and incentives for the team, farmers, and the community, including token holders who wish to support the CBD economy and the partner farmers.

Developmental Process

The Greenheart CBD project model potentially utilizes the Constellation Network blockchain protocol. The Constellation Network allows for instant, fee-less transactions and direct streaming data validation through the Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP). The protocol also facilitates the integration of any external data source or blockchain and facilitates concurrent consensus mechanisms (local sensitivity and network state), as well as a domain specific programming language (called Babel) for interacting with Hypergraph.

Constellation Network will be notarizing all Greenheart CBD data. This includes verifying the authenticity of the financial chain, ensuring full traceability and transparency of the entire process. Fraud detection and inconsistencies will be flagged and investigated immediately. The following diagram illustrates how Greenheart Production, Greenheart Data and Greenheart Financial are integrated with the Constellation Network protocol.

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